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My 1-Day Advanced Mega Volume Eyelash Extension course covers everything you need to know to create Divine Mega Volume lashes.

This course is specifically designed for the experienced eyelash artist trained already in Volume and who feels comfortable applying a full volume lash set within 2.5 hours. 

Topics Covered

  • Mega Volume lashes using                .02, .03,.04 & .05 CC

  • Volume lashes creating 8D-15D fans.

  • Beautiful seamless Mega Volume lashes with the focus on mastering inner corners.

  • Styling, shaping & mapping

  • Texture tricks

  • Blending lengths, curls & diameters

  • Taping techniques

  • Adhesive & product education including retention issues.

  • Fanning on the strip

  • I have also included DIVINE LASH STYLING. You will learn how to create and market Divine lash styling with our lash maps as well as how to create gorgeous lash sets using color. 

  • My Divine Advanced Mega Volume class is an 8 hr 1-day class where you will learn all my tips and tricks to take your eyelash career to a Simply Divine Level!

  • Students receive plenty of one-on-one and hands-on lash application training to ensure you feel confident that you can do Simply Divine Mega Volume Eyelash extensions.

  • Upon completion, you will have lifetime support through our online group Divine Dolls and you will receive discounts on our artist products and future courses.


  • C Curl .05 Multi Length Tray

  • CC Curl .02 Multi Length Tray

  • CC Curl .04 Multi Length Tray

  • D Curl .03 Multi Length Tray

  • 3-Color .05 Multi Length Tray’s

  • Custom SD Volume Tweezer Trio

  • Rectangular Crystal Lash Pallet

  • Adhesive

  • Simply Divine Case

  • Mega Volume / Divine Color Theory Manual

  • Certificate

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