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3 Pairs Removable Realistic Eyelids for Eyelash Training.

Mannequin Eyes Only 3 pair

    • 2 Removable replacement Eyelids with face: suitable for grafting false eyelashes and eye makeup practice, replacing the eyelids with face, small and flexible, convenient to carry when you going out, avoiding the embarrassment of carrying the heavy and large head of lash Mannequin Head, the eyelids close to people The shape of the eye, you can be changed at will.
    • Three-dimensional design: The realistic three-dimensional shape of the detachable eyelid with eyelashes, which imitates the natural eyelash spacing, allows you to truly practice the perfect personalized eyelash position, gives you a more realistic operating environment, and better practice eyelash extension
    • Reusable: Replaced eyelids with eyelashes can be used for many times, high-quality silica gel can resist corrosion and aging and can be used multiple times, you can use water or makeup remover to remove stains and makeup after each application.
    • High-quality material: made of soft silicone rubber, soft, odorless, durable, providing you with a real skin touch, as smooth as real skin.
    • Wide range of uses: changing the eyelids is very suitable for eyelash extension training, makeup training, facial massage, facial painting, etc. It is also suitable for beginners to practice. The eyeball itself has eyelashes, which can be directly used for eyelash extension

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