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Full 2 Day Program designed to teach the art of luxury handmade volume lashes. This class is designed for smaller groups maxing out at 5 students.

Hosted at Simply Divine Artistry

2771 Bechelli Ln Redding, CA.


+ MUST be a licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist OR currently enrolled in beauty school to charge for services in California.

+ Masks are optional.

+ If a deposit is placed it is non-refundable and reserves your seat.

+ If a deposit is placed the remaining $1000 is due a week before the class and is non-refundable.

+ We will allow a one-time transfer if the scheduled date does not work but there will be a $100 rescheduling fee.


That Bitch Kit:

Boujee Bitch Kit:

  1. 2 Adhesives

  2. Lash Tray CC-.06

  3. Lash Tray CC-.07

  4. 35º isolation tweezer

  5. J Tweezer

  6. Boot Tweezer

  7. Scissors

  8. Nano Mister

  9. 50 Spoolies

  10. 50 Primer Wands

  11. 6 pairs of Gel Pads

  12. Glue Rings

  13. Nozzle Wipes

  14. Sensitive Silicone Tape

  15. ProMade Box

  16. Hydrometer

  17. 2 Fine Pt Sharpie Marker

  18. Adhesive Storage Container

  19. Silica Beads

  20. Scotch Dots

  21. Bondage Buddy lash primer

  22. Sanitizer

  23. Lash Tile

  24. Training Travel Case

  25. Certification of Completion

You will receive all that is in the "That Bitch Kit" as well as these other products:​


  1. Glue shaker

  2. Fluff up fan

  3. The game change Macro Lens

  4. 50 pack of gel pads

  5. Lash Gang Bag

  6. The Little Prick

  7. 10 pack of the Mother Fluffer Travel Brushes

  8. Tweezer Arsenal

  9. Mannequin Practice Head

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