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Welcome our new Loose Based - Short Tapered lash extension trays. These lashes create the tightest needle-sharp bases once fanned out. Not only do you get perfect bases you also get lashes that are dark from base to tip with them being short tapered. 

Loose Based Lash Trays

  • + Loose Based: This means when they pick up off the strip they won't be stuck together so when you dip into the adhesive it will suck the bases super tight and together 

    + Short Tapered: This is what truly makes our lashes so special, having short tapered tips means the darkest lashes you can get base to tip since the tip of the lashes taper at a shorter point than most lashes.

    + 20 rows per tray

  • + Our mixed tray sizing ranges 8-16mm

    8mm x2, 9mm x2, 10mm x3, 11mm x3, 12mm x3, 13mm x3, 14mm x2, 15mm x1, 16mm x1

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