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Hate using PRE-MADES because of fear of damage to the natural lashes or just hate spending an arm and a leg on already fanned lashes? Just make your own handmade fans for later use on your clients.


This invention is used to keep all your lash fans organized and ready for you to use.

Some of our favorite features include:

+ 6 Columns to differentiate your lash lengths

+ Magnetic lid to remove out of your way when applying

+ Stackable case to customize curl, diameter, and color (We like to label the lash specifics on the side of the case)


Pro-Made Lash Storage

  • Pro-mades are when the fans are made directly by the artist applying the lashes and storing them for later use on clients when they're crunched on time or are learning the craft of volume lashes. Which truly keeps the art of volume lashes stay at the luxury standard it should be. 

  • + Take a strip of microfoam tape and add them to each of the columns to allow the lashes to "cling on" so they won't get messy in transport or storage. (Lashes will not be sticky this way)

    +Then using a sharpie write whatever length is in that column.

    + This can also be used vertically or horizontally all based on the artists preferences